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this website is download shop of ryoondo-tea.

Please click or the Album which you want to buy and take into the shopping cart, and please pay from PayPal.
if there are any questions about payment, please see PayPal page or PayPal Help center

About music data file (MP3 format)

The music data file on this website is MP3,256kbps/44.1kHz.

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These terms of use apply to every content in the ryoondo-tea DL teashop. Use this site only if you agree. If you do not agree, do not use the site.

The ryoondo-tea DL teashop uses Paypal for payment.
You may use your Paypal account.
Ryoondo-tea cannot and will not be liable for any trouble concerning Paypal.
You must contact Paypal if there is any trouble.

The deal is settled after the usage of Paypal.
If the downloaded file is corrupted or unable to download it correctly, contact the ryoondo-tea DL shop through the given e-mail address within a week of time.
The records will be checked and the data will be sent to you again. We will not be able to resend data to reasons other than this.

We cannot and will not refunds to the purchases. We will not resend data even if you accidentally purchased or has been deleted.
Please check the short samples of the tracks on the ryoondo-tea DL teashop before you purchase.

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